Good luck to all our CVF riders as we begin another show season, starting in St. Louis in February!

Congrats to our CVF riders on a fun and successful 2015 GPHA show season! And congrats on all the ribbons!!! Here's to another great season ahead!
Lexus, CVF's newest little filly, was just weaned! Our little girl is starting her new life as an independant mare! And it won't be too long before Lexus has a little sibling arriving to follow in her hoofprints! 
Weekends 7:00-7:00
Weekdays 7:00-8:00
(Times will change depending on the time of year.) 
We are located in Lansing, Kansas.  
Feel free to visit us or call to make an appointment! You won't be dissapointed! CVF is a fun-filled, family enviroment with wonderful people! 
1221 East Gilman Rd. Lansing, KS 66043